How to Use Eyebrow Powder – Best Tutorial | Waterproof | Brow Powder

How to Use Eyebrow Powder – Best Tutorial | Waterproof | Brow Powder

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How to Use Eyebrow Powder – Tutorial

With eyebrow powder you can achieve a very natural, soft look. With a few tricks you can even make your brow powder waterproof so that it lasts all day – and night! For people who tend to have oily skin, eyebrow powder is a must-have brow make-up product! Our professional eyebrow powder sticks well to both your brow hair and your skin. Fill in sparse eyebrows or simply add more volume to your brows. Just try it yourself, you will see that the results speak for themselves!

How to Apply Eyebrow Powder

Once you know how to apply eyebrow powder, it is really easy and will soon become part of your daily make-up routine. Just follow our step by step tutorial and you'll soon master the skill of perfect eyebrows! With our insider tips and tricks from the best make-up artists your eyebrows will be on fleek in no time!

What you need to Apply Eyebrow Powder:

• Mirror

• Good Light

• Eyebrow Powder

• (Eyebrow) Pencil

• White Stick

• Brow Comb

• Angled Brow Brush

• Eyebrow Stencils (if needed)

• Puff Brow Brush (recommended)

• Eyebrow Gel (recommended)

• Highlighter / Concealer (recommended)


1 – How to choose your Eyebrow Powder Color

When choosing your eyebrow powder color try to find a color similar to your natural hair color. As a rule of thumb that color usually suits people best. Check out our color card to find the best eyebrow powder color for your hair color.

The high quality eyebrow powder by Marie-José & Co is available in six popular shades. This brow powder is highly pigmented and water resistant. As the eyebrow powder can be directly applied on the skin, it is also suited for people with no eyebrows. Use our White Stick as a primer to make the eyebrow powder waterproof. 

2 – Find your Perfect Eyebrow Shape

There are various methods to find your perfect eyebrow shape. Below we will show you the most popular method for finding the right brow shape. Read more tips and tricks in our tutorial: “The Perfect Eyebrow Shape” If you already found your perfect brow shape, you can proceed with step 3.

The Perfect Brow Shape

A – Where your Eyebrows should Begin

Hold the eyebrow pencil upright against your nose. Look where the pencil meets the brow line. The edge of the pencil that is closer to your nose marks the line where your brow should start. Use the white stick to mark this location.

B – The Perfect Arch

To find your ideal arch point, hold the brow pencil against the side of your nostril towards the outer edge of your iris. Locate where the pencil meets your eyebrows and mark this spot with the White Stick.

C – Where Your Eyebrows Should End

Hold the brow pencil against the side of your nostril towards the outer corner of your eye. Locate the spot where the pencil meets the brow line. That is where the tail of your eyebrow should be. Mark the edge of the pencil that is closer to your eyes with the white stick. If your eyebrows go beyond this point, use tweezers to remove the excess hair. 

3 – Pluck Perfect Eyebrows

If you need to pluck your eyebrows, we recommend reading our Tips and Tricks for Eyebrow Plucking.

If you have plucked your brows already or if your eyebrows don't need plucking, just go right to step 4.

4 – Comb your Brows

Use a brow comb to comb your brows in hair growth direction. 

5 – How to make your Eyebrow Powder Waterproof

We got many questions how you can make your brow powder waterproof. Honestly, the trick is very easy. Simply use our White Stick as a primer. Apply the White Stick on your eyebrows and on the skin where you want the eyebrow powder to stick. Using the White Stick as a primer will make your eyebrow powder waterproof and last even longer! 

6 – Outline your Brows with the Angled Eyebrow Brush

Dip your angled eyebrow brush in some water and then in the eyebrow powder. Outline your brows with the angled brow brush. This will make it easier to not go over the outlines in the following step. 

7 – Apply Eyebrow Powder

Now use the angled brow brush to carefully apply the eyebrow powder on your brows. Some people find it helpful to use an eyebrow stencil for filling in the brows. 

8 – Comb your Brows

Use a Brow Comb or Spooly Brow Brush to evenly distribute the color pigments in your eyebrow powder. You will achieve a soft, natural look! 

9 – The Eyebrow Gel Trick

To make those brows last longer, make-up artists use a special trick. Once the powder is applied, they use eyebrow gel to set the powder. Simply comb your brows with some eyebrow gel and your brow powder will stay on all day!

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Gel

10 - The Finishing Touch: Highlighter / Concealer

As a finishing touch, we recommend using a brow highlighter / concealer. The concealer side of this 2-in-1 pencil allows you to quickly cover any blemishes around your eyebrows. The highlighter side of the pencil is used to highlight your brow bone. This will give your brows an instant lift!

Marie-José & Co Dual Brow Highlighter / Concealer


Even if you are not a 100% satisfied with the result yet, don't give up. Practice makes perfect! Keep on practicing every day and you will see that after a few weeks you'll master the skill of applying eyebrow powder to perfection.  

Eyebrow Powder vs. Pencil / Pen

Should I use eyebrow powder or a pencil? Lots of people ask this question. And the answer is: Really, it is what you prefer. Eyebrow powder tends to look more natural than an eyebrow pencil. A pencil is usually used to add color. Powder does both, it adds color and also more volume to your brows. The overall effect of eyebrow powder is much softer than when using an eyebrow pencil.

If you have always used pencils, we would definitely recommend trying an eyebrow powder. Compare both and see which one suits you better.

Always make sure that you buy high quality products, no matter whether it's an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder. You will definitely see the difference! When developing the formulas for our powder and pencil make-up, we had make-up artists testing both color pigmentation and ease of application. The development phase resulted in eyebrow powder and eyebrow pencils of the highest quality possible. Marie-José & Co products are very high quality products that come at affordable prices.

Marie-José Eyebrow Powder with brush
Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Powder with brush

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Pencils
Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Pencils

 How to Use an Eyebrow Pencil

If eyebrow powder is not your thing, an eyebrow pencil is the best alternative! Here you will find everything you need to know about eyebrow pencils, including a color card and a step by step tutorial for beginners.

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