Pluck Perfect Eyebrows.  Face the challenge ...

Pluck Perfect Eyebrows. Face the challenge ...

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Ask a Beautician

Are you still doubting, whether you should pluck your eyebrows yourself? Go and see a beautician in your area to get your eyebrows into shape. Once you have a shape you like, it is easy to keep the shape by just plucking a few hairs here and there all by yourself.



• a mirror

• good lighting

• an eyebrow pencil

• a White Stick

• a good pair of tweezers

• an eyebrow brush

• cosmetic scissors

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> It’s best to pluck your eyebrows after the shower. The warm water and steam from the shower softens your skin and opens your pores. This makes the plucking a lot easier and less painful.  

> If you prefer to pluck your eyebrows at another time, clean your face with warm water or put a hot towel on your eyebrows for two minutes.

Once the skin is prepared, we are ready for the next step.


There are actually various ways to find your perfect eyebrow shape. We will show you the most common method:

Determine your eyebrow shape

A – This is where your eyebrow starts

Take an eyebrow pencil and hold it upright along your nasal wings, pointing upwards in the direction of your eyebrows. Use the White Stick to mark the inner side of the stick where it meets the eyebrows.

B – The arch - or highest point - of your eyebrow

To determine the highest point of your eyebrows is a very important step. Hold the eyebrow pencil along your nose wings diagonal along the outer side of your pupils. Where the pen crosses your brows should be the highest point of your eyebrow arch. Mark this line again with the White Stick.

C – Where your eyebrows should end

To find out where your eyebrows should end, by holding the pencil diagonal upwards, starting at the nasal wings towards the outer corner of your eye. Those hairs that you can see outside of the white line that you drew can be plucked.


Always use a sharp and clean pair of tweezers. The tweezers should have a good grip on the fine eyebrow hairs so that plucking them out is as easy as possible.

There are different kinds of eyebrow tweezers. These are the differences between point tweezers, slanted tweezers and automatic tweezers.

• Point Tweezers

Marie-José & Co Point Tweezers

Pointed tweezers (also called point-tip tweezers) have two very fine points at the tip. These tweezers are especially useful for plucking very short brow hairs and ingrown hairs.  

• Angled (Slant Tip) Tweezers

Marie-José & Co Angled Tweezers

Angled tweezers
(also called slant tip tweezers) have two flat, slanted tips. These tweezers are perfect for plucking longer eyebrow hairs.

How to hold your tweezers:

It’s best to hold the tweezers just like you would hold a pen in your hand. The open end should point upwards. Beauty trick: Press the tweezers a few times before starting to pluck your eyebrows. This allows you to get a better feeling for the right grip, strength and movement of the tweezers.


Hold the tip of the tweezers close to where the hair grows out of the skin. Always pluck eyebrow hairs in the direction in which the hair grows! This prevents the hair from breaking and possible ingrown hair.  


• Start with the hairs between your brows.

• Define the arch of your eyebrows by removing a few hairs around the highest point of the arch. This will highlight the arch even better and give your brows a beautiful, enhanced look.

• Pluck all brow hairs that are outside of the line where your eyebrows should end.  

• As a last step, pluck the hairs underneath your eyebrows. That way you can choose how thin or thick you want your eyebrows to be.  

Watch out!

! Good to know: The top of your eyebrows usually follows your ideal, natural brow line.  Be careful not to pluck out to many hairs on your upper brow line!

! Don’t over-pluck your eyebrows! Eyebrows need several weeks until fully grown back. It also happens that some over-plucked hairs don’t grow back after all.

! When shaping your eyebrows, really take the time for it. Don’t rush it. And also take a step away from the mirror every once in a while so that you can see your progress. And stop when it looks good.


Use an eyebrow brush to comb the hairs slightly upwards in the direction in which the hair grows. This method allows you to detect long hairs right away. Use cosmetic scissors to trim those long hairs to the right length. Repeat this step after combing the hair downwards into hair growth direction.

Over-Plucked Eyebrows?

Have you over-plucked your eyebrows? Don’t worry, you can correct the damage. Here are the three best solutions:  

> Solution 1

Use an eyebrow pencil to easily and quickly draw some little brow hairs where your natural eyebrows are too thin or too short. Choose a colour that suits you well! And remember: Sometimes more is less. Instead of over-using an eyebrow pencil you might want to use it rather sparsely so that it doesn’t look too ‘fake’.

> Solution 2

Instead of using an eyebrow pencil, try using an eyebrow powder. It’s best to apply your eyebrow powder with an angled brow brush. All eyebrow powders by Marie-José & Co are water resistant and can be made waterproof by using the White Stick as a primer.

> Solution 3

Would you like to get some of your eyebrow hairs back? In this case we highly recommend using an eyebrow serum to get back to your normal brow shape within 6 to 8 weeks. Eyebrow serums are also perfect when your eyebrows have thinned out. When applied daily for some weeks, your brows will become fuller and thicker. For bold and beautiful eyebrows!


We all know the problem. Some eyebrow hairs just don’t stay where we’d like them to be. They are criss-cross and never where you want them. Does this mean that you have to get rid of those hairs? Definitely not! Use this transparent gel that has been developed especially for the use on eyebrows. Tame those rebelling brow hairs without anyone knowing you used a brow gel at all.  


All products needed to perfectly shape your eyebrows can be ordered in our online shop. Use our step by step tutorial to achieve perfect results.

Here’s the list of absolutely essential brow products:

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Pencil

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Pencils

The Marie-Jose eyebrow pencils comes in three fabulous brow colours. Choose your favourite shade and you will never want to miss it again. Easy to work with, it allows you to create very fine lines for perfectly shaped eyebrows.

Marie-José & Co White Stick

Marie-José & Co White Stick

The White Stick by Marie-José & Co is a little pencil that is used as a primer before applying eyebrow powder. The White Stick has a sticky texture that allows the eyebrow powder to stick to your eyebrows more easily. Using it as a primer will also make your eyebrow powder waterproof. For long-lasting eyebrow makeup all day long! A little stick for fabulous results!

Marie-José & Co Angled Brush

Marie-José & Co Brow Angled Brush

Slightly stiffer than a po wder puff brush, this brush allows for even application of brow powder. The angled brush is perfect for easily applying eyebrow powder and achieving straight lines when tinting your eyebrows.

Marie-José & Co Angled Tweezers

Marie-José & Co Angled Tweezers

The Angled Tweezers have two flat, angled tips. These tweezers are perfect for plucking longer eyebrow hairs.

Blink Cosmetic Scissors

Cosmetic Scissors

This pair of cosmetics scissors is perfect for shortening long brow hairs.

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Powder

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Powder

Choose one of six beautiful eyebrow colours by Marie-José & Co to find your perfect hue! The highly pigmented powder is easy to apply and comes with a small eyebrow brush. The little container fits in every makeup bag.

Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum

Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum

Fuller and thicker eyebrows in just 2 months! Next to the active ingredient Isopropyl Cloprostenate, Aphro Celina Eyebrow also contains caffeine and nourishing ingredients. This unique combination of ingredients causes your brow hairs to become naturally longer, fuller and stronger. Simply said, your brows will be much more dazzling! Use the eyebrow growth serum daily to achieve the best effect. After only 8 weeks your eyebrow hairs are going to look much more beautiful, healthier, fuller and thicker.  

Marie-José & Co Brow & Lash Rejuvenator

Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Gel

This brow gel fixates your eyebrows and keeps those little hairs in perfect shape all day long. Highly recommended!

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