Scrub Cream vs. Peeling Cream: Optimal Skin Preparation for Henna Brows

Scrub Cream vs. Peeling Cream: Optimal Skin Preparation for Henna Brows

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Scrub Cream vs. Peeling Cream: A Comparison for Eyebrow Specialists

As a Brow Stylist, you know that eyebrows frame the face and define your client's appearance. An optimal eyebrow treatment goes beyond just plucking and dyeing. The secret lies in skin preparation, and that's where scrub and peeling creams come in. But what exactly is the difference between these two products?

Scrub Cream: The Thorough Cleanser

Eyebrow Scrub Cream

A scrub cream, such as our Brow Scrub, is a mechanical exfoliant. This means it removes dead skin cells using fine granules that gently polish the skin. These granules can be made of natural ingredients like rose petal powder, providing a mild yet effective cleansing.

  • Advantages: Removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood circulation, improves the absorption of care products.
  • Disadvantages: Can irritate the skin if used excessively or if the granules are too coarse. During treatment, the granules can scatter.

Peeling Cream: The Gentle Renewing Agent

A peeling cream, such as our Brow Peeling, is a chemical exfoliant. Instead of granules, it contains enzymes and fruit acids that dissolve the bonds between dead skin cells, allowing them to shed easily.

  • Advantages: Mild exfoliation, suitable for the sensitive skin around the eyebrows, evens out the complexion.
  • Disadvantages: Less effective at removing stubborn dead skin cells.

The Perfect Combination for Eyebrow Treatments

For a henna brows treatment, using both a scrub and a peeling cream is ideal. The scrub cream provides a thorough cleansing and removes the top layer of dead skin cells, while the peeling cream works deeper into the skin and removes the last residues. This ensures optimal adhesion of the henna dye and a long-lasting result.

Important Tip: After scrubbing and peeling, it is essential to clean the eyebrows with alcohol. This removes all oils and product residues, allowing the henna dye to adhere even better.


Feature Scrub Cream Peeling Cream
Mechanism: Mechanical (granules) Chemical (enzymes, acids)
Intensity: Stronger Gentler
Suitable for: Normal to oily skin Sensitive skin
Results: Thorough cleansing, blood circulation stimulation Mild exfoliation, more even complexion


In short: Both scrub and peeling creams are valuable additions to your eyebrow treatments. By combining them, you optimally prepare the skin for dyeing and ensure a radiant result that will make your clients happy.


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