Eyebrow Know How | All About Eyebrows & Trends

Eyebrow Know How | All About Eyebrows & Trends

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• Why do we have eyebrows?

We know that the main reason why we have eyebrows is to protect our eyes against dirt, sweat and rain dripping down from our forehead. Our eyebrows also work like little sun protectors against bright sunlight. So yes, eyebrows make a significant difference in our ability to see.

• Eyebrows give us a distinctive appearance

Our eyes, nose and also our eyebrows are distinctive features that help other people recognize our face. Various studies have shown this. Our eyebrows also help us express our emotions and let our eyes 'speak' to other people. Brows can intensify our facial expressions, can give our face a certain character and can even make a person more interesting. Shape, thickness and color all influence how we appear to other people. Our eyebrows are an essential part of our body.  

• Hundreds of hairs per eyebrow

You might not see it right away but each eyebrow actually has hundreds of hairs, sometimes up to 1000 hairs.

• We lose eyebrow hairs every day

Just like the hair on our head, we also lose eyebrow hair and eyelashes. This is part of the natural hair growth cycle and nothing to worry about.

• Why eyebrow hairs can't grow as long as hair on your head

All of our hair grows at the same speed which is about 0,25-0,3 millimeters per day. The growth phase can actually vary, depending on the hair type. Eyebrows usually grow for about 30 day while the hair on your head grows for about 2 to 5 years. That's why the hair on our head can become much longer than our eyebrow hairs. The actual length of a hair growth cycle differs from person to person and depends on your genes.

• The brow hair growth cycle is 4 months long

Our eyebrow hairs have a hair growth cycle of about 4 months. In the first phase of the cycle the hair grows. This phase is followed by a resting phase before the hair falls out to make space for a new hair. Our eyelashes have a growth phase of about 3 months.

• Thinning Eyebrows

Just like the hair on your head, eyebrow hairs (and also eyelashes) can become thinner over time. There are various reasons for thinning eyebrows:

• Over-plucking

• Age and hormone fluctuations

• Genetic predisposition

• Medication

• Diet

• Stress

It's important to find out what might be the reason for your thinning brows. When your brows are over-plucked you have plucked your eyebrows too much and too often. In this case your hairs could either be growing very thin, only sparsely or not at all. Be careful when plucking your eyebrows.

BEAUTY TIP: Find out how to avoid over-plucking and other mistakes when plucking your eyebrows in our blog article Pluck Perfect Eyebrows.

By taking proper care of your brows every day, you can delay the aging process

If you suspect that a hormonal imbalance or medication could be the cause of your thinning eyebrows, consult your GP. Chemotherapy is known for causing hair loss, including eyebrow hair loss. We will write more about this topic in another blog article.

One of the easier ways to improve your eyebrow health is adapting your diet. Increasing your intake of folic acid, minerals, sulfur and vitamins A, B3 and E can make quite a difference. These nutrients have a positive influence on the health of your hair. You'll find tons of information on the internet about the type of food that is rich in those nutrients.

Try to avoid situations or events causing stress and try to quickly solve problems causing you stress. Less stress does not only have a positive effect on your eyebrows but on your whole body!

• Eyebrows can grow again

The good news is that brow hairs can also grow back. That is, if the hair follicles are still intact. Factors such as age, genetic predisposition or over-plucking can all cause hair follicles to die for good. And what has died once cannot come back to life again.

Hair follicles that are still intact can be reactivated with the help of a good eyebrow growth serum. Read more about eyebrow growth serums and how they work in our blog article “Eyebrow Growth Serum – Best Review & All You need to Know!.” 

• Eyebrows grow quicker during summer

Our eyebrows (and in fact all of our hair) grows quicker during the summer months because the weather is better and we tend to be more active. Our blood circulation is better and the nutrients get to the hair follicles much quicker. So yes, you can get an actual health and growth boost for your hair in the summer!

• Eyebrows can be curly just like the hair on your head

Many eyebrows are actually curly, just like the hair on your head can be. You can sometimes detect curly eyebrows on people who have curly hair. In general, it is quite difficult to see curly eyebrow hair, though. The main reason for that is that brows only have a small surface area. Simply be aware that brow hair is not always straight when plucking or waxing your eyebrows. If you have a curl in your eyebrow, try to make it part of your brow shape. An eyebrow specialist or beautician can give you some handy tips on how to handle curly eyebrows.

• There is no such thing as the one and only perfect eyebrow shape

Every eyebrow is different and every face is different. That's why there is no such thing as the one and only perfect brow shape for everyone. The good news is that there are some easy ways to find out which brow shape is best for your face.

BROW EXPERT TIP: If you'd like to know more about this topic, check out our blog article “The Perfect Eyebrow Shape”.

The latest Eyebrow Trends

Eyebrow Henna

Tinting your brows with Eyebrow Henna is one of the latest beauty trends and has become a hype within only a few months. The big advantage of using eyebrow henna is that you can also tint the skin under and around your eyebrows, allowing you to achieve that full and bold brow look!

A good eyebrow henna tint, such as Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Henna, is easy to apply at home and will stay on your skin for up to 2 weeks. There are also other henna brow tint kits on the market but they are usually meant for professional use only. The eyebrow henna in our online shop can be used by everyone without any prior knowledge or experience. You don't have to book a course for it, you can just use it at home. It's really easy!

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal method consisting of rolling twisted cotton threads over the hairs. In Western countries it is one of the latest eyebrow trends but in Arabic and Asian countries this hair removal method has been used for centuries. In countries where women naturally have strong hair growth, the threading method is not only used for eyebrows but also for removing upper lip hair and facial hair. By rolling the threads over the hairs, the hairs are ripped right out of the pores. No wax needed! You can do eyebrow threading yourself at home but we do recommend having it done by a beautician or in a specialized browbar.

Suggestions or questions?

Do you have any suggestions as to what we should add to our eyebrow encyclopedia? Or do you have any questions about eyebrows? Get in touch! We'd love to hear from you. Simply leave us a message on our contact page or send an email to: [email protected].

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