Eyebrow Growth Serum – Best Review & All You need to Know!

Eyebrow Growth Serum – Best Review & All You need to Know!

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Why do we get thinning brows?

We all dream of perfect brows. They define our look, can brighten our appearance and make us look more beautiful. Unfortunately, eyebrows can thin out over time. Let's get to the reasons for thinning brows:  

• Over-plucking

• Age and hormone fluctuations

• Genetic predisposition

• Medication

• Diet

• Stress

It's important to find out what might be the reason for your thinning brows.

When your brows are over-plucked you have plucked your eyebrows too much and too often. In this case your hairs could either be growing very thin, only sparsely or not at all. So be careful when plucking your eyebrows.

BEAUTY TIP: Read our blog article Pluck Perfect Eyebrows and find out how to avoid over-plucking and other mistakes when plucking your eyebrows.

By taking proper care of your brows every day, you can delay the aging process. We will write more about this later.

If you suspect that a hormonal imbalance or medication could be the cause of your thinning eyebrows, consult your GP. Chemotherapy is known for causing hair loss, including eyebrow hair loss. We will write more about this topic in this blog article.

One of the easier ways to improve your eyebrow health is adapting your diet. Increasing your intake of folic acid, minerals, sulfur and vitamins A, B3 and E can make quite a difference. These nutrients have a positive influence on the health of your hair. You'll find tons of information on the internet about the type of food that is rich in those nutrients.

Try to avoid situations or events causing stress and try to quickly solve problems causing you stress. Less stress does not only have a positive effect on your eyebrows but on your whole body!

Once you know the reasons for thinning eyebrows, it's time to find out what we can do to promote hair growth.

Can eyebrow hair grow back?

Good news for all of you with thin eyebrows: eyebrow hairs can actually grow back! While dead hair follicles can't come back to life, hair follicles that are dormant (intact) can be reactivated. A good eyebrow growth serum can reactivate your hair follicles to re-grow beautiful, healthy and bold brows. We recommend starting with the use of an eyebrow growth serum as soon as possible to prevent your hair follicles from dying for good. When using an eyebrow growth serum in time you can expect beautiful and healthy brows within about 8 weeks.

The 4 types of eyebrow growth serums

So now you wonder which eyebrow serum is the best? Before we will let you know about our personal favorite, we will show you the differences between the various eyebrow growth serums on the market.   

Types of Eyebrow Growth Serums – What are the Ingredients?

You probably already know that there are hundreds of different eyebrow growth serums on the market. In fact, there are many varieties that can be divided into 5 categories. Each category stands for a particular active ingredient. The active ingredients of eyebrow serums are similar to the agents in lash growth serums. 

1 – Eyebrow Growth Serums containing Isopropyl Cloprostenate (a Prostaglandin)

Such as: Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum and Librow

2 – Eyebrow Growth Serums containing Peptides

Such as: Revitabrow, Anastacia Brow Enhancing Serum, BROW and Beautiful Brow

3 - Eyebrow Growth Serums containing Black Sea Rod Oil

Such as: Beautylash Eyebrow Growth Booster and M2 Beauté

4 - Eyebrow Growth Serums containing Bimatoprost

Such as: FEG Eyebrow Enhancer Serum

WARNING! The European Union has NOT approved Bimatoprost as a cosmetic ingredient. 

5 - Eyebrow Growth Serums containing oils

Such as: Castor oil 

Eyebrow Growth Serum Review – Which one is the Best?

We found that eyebrow serums with the active ingredient Isopropyl Cloprostrenate (category 1) always led to the best and fastest results. This kind of brow serum reactivates dormant hair follicles, which are hair follicles that are still intact but not active anymore. Eyebrow growth serums with Isopropyl Cloprostrenate extend the hair growth cycle, resulting in a longer growth phase for the hair. This unique combination will make your eyebrows thicker, fuller and stronger!

Our brow experts are strongly convinced that the Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum is the best on the market. Containing both Isopropyl Cloprostenate and caffeine make it a highly effective eyebrow growth serum. Apply daily before going to sleep. In only 8 weeks you will see that your eyebrows are fuller, thicker and looking much healthier.

Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum


Both quality and performance make the Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum our absolute favorite! And best of all? The price is very budget-friendly. Now available in our online shop!
The eyebrow growth serum by Aphro Celina contains active ingredients with proven effectiveness.  Developed and produced entirely in Germany, this eyebrow growth serum is thoroughly tested by dermatologists and eyebrow experts. Allergic reactions are highly unlikely. Your eyebrows will be fuller and thicker in only 2 months.

Which eyebrow growth serums are safe to use?

All brow serums with prostaglandin (1), peptides (2), black sea rod oil (3) and nourishing oils (5) as active ingredients are safe to use and are approved by the EU. In contrast, brow serums with bimatropost as their active ingredient (4) are NOT approved by the EU. Therefore we discourage using a brow serum with bimatropost.

When you shouldn't use an eyebrow serum

The risks of using a growth serum for eyebrows are very low. However, we do discourage using a brow serum when pregnant or breastfeeding. Please also refrain from applying an eyebrow serum on children or using an eyebrow serum when undergoing chemotherapy.

Will my eyebrows become fuller and thicker if I use an eyebrow serum that is a 100% made from oils?

An eyebrow serum that is purely made from nourishing oils does not contain active ingredients such as Isopropyl Cloprostenate. That's why we also call this kind of eyebrow serum “Eyebrow Conditioner”. Eyebrow conditioners contain oils and other nourishing ingredients. A well-known product is the Castor Oil. Using an eyebrow conditioner daily will make your brows much healthier.  Hair follicles will be reactivated, allowing new hairs to grow. An eyebrow serum purely containing nourishing oils is usually a good alternative to expensive brow serums that only contain peptides. 

Any questions about eyebrow growth serums?

If you have any more questions about eyebrow hair growth, brow serums or questions about our makeup products, don't hesitate to contact us here or send a message to: [email protected].

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