Dye your Brows with Eyebrow Henna

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Dye your Brows with Eyebrow Henna

Read this step-by-step-tutorial and learn how to dye your brows with Marie-José & Co Eyebrow Henna.


CAUTION  Thoroughly read the instructions before using Eyebrow Henna Dye!


Step by step tutorial Eyebrow Henna Dye

You can download this tutorial by clicking the pink button. Choose 'save as' or 'print'.


1 - Pick your Henna color

Chose out of 5 Henna Eyebrow Tint colors by Marie-José & Co. If unsure which color suits you best, take a look at our Henna Brows Color Sheet. Did you know that you can also mix our Henna Eyebrow Tint powders to achieve your favorite brow color?


2 - Thoroughly cleanse your eyebrows

Clean your eyebrows with an oil-free eye make up remover. Even if you are not wearing any make up, it is absolutely necessary to remove skin oil from your eyebrows. Use (if at hand) a cotton pad with alcohol to remove oil from your skin and from your brow hairs. The paint is less suitable for a (naturally) oily skin. Use a gentle scrub to eliminate any dead skin cells. 


3 - Protect your skin around the brows

Use special skin protection cream or Vaseline around the area that you want to tint. This will prevent any unintentional stains on your skin. Do NOT apply any cream on your eyebrows as this will prevent the dye from sticking to the skin. Use the included plastic gloves to prevent Henna stains on your hands. 


4 - Mix Henna Powder with Water

Empty one bag of Henna powder into a small plastic or glass dish. The content of one bag is enough for 2 applications when used economically. Do NOT use metal dish! Mix the powder with a few drops of water to achieve a thick paste. We advise using a pipette when adding the water. Cover your working area with an old rag or towel to prevent stains on the surface (e.g. on the table).

TIP Eyebrow Henna Tools Kit

5 - Apply Henna Paste to Brows

Now apply the Henna paste on your eyebrows. We advise using an angled brow brush to achieve perfect results. The angled brow brush allows you to work very precisely and create straight lines. Use a cotton bud to wipe of any excess residue that accidently got on the skin around your eyebrows. You can also use eyebrow stencils to create the perfect brow shape.

Henna tint can be quite intense, so do NOT leave it on your brows for too long. We advise leaving the Henna paste for 10 to 15 minutes on your eyebrows before removing it. Especially when using this Henna tint for the first time, do not leave it on your brows for too long. Ideally aim for a shorter exposure time. As a rule of thumb, the longer the exposure time, the darker the result.


6 - Remove Henna Paste

To remove the Henna paste from your eyebrows, first wipe your brows with a dry cotton pad. Then wipe your brows again, this time with a wet cotton pad to remove any residue. There is no special remover for Henna tint. If you accidently stained areas around your eyebrows, try removing it with tint remover as soon as possible. Always prevent accidentally staining your skin by covering your skin with skin protection cream or Vaseline.


7 - Henna After Care

For perfectly groomed eyebrows, use Rejuvenator by Marie-José & Co or the Aphro Celina Eyebrow Serum. The Aphro Celina serum is an eyebrow growth serum, resulting in full, thick and strong eyebrows.

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