How do you tint eyebrows with Godefroy eyebrow tint?

How do you tint eyebrows with Godefroy eyebrow tint?

Hints and tricks for perfectly tinted eyebrows with the Godefroy Instant Eyebrow Kit

Eyebrow tint by Godefroy is very easy to use. Read here how you can tint your eyebrows perfectly with Godefroy!

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit


The most important characteristics of Godefroy eyebrow tint

Number of colours 5
Packaging cons 4 capsules
Packaging pros 20 capsules
Mix with Oxidant included in the package
Application time 2-4 minutes
Tinting skin No
Tinting eyebrows Stays on for up to 6 weeks
Tinting eyelashes No
Tested on animals No
Vegan No
Price/treatment • € 0,60 (20 capsules = 20 treatments)
(± excl. VAT) • € 2,- (4 capsules = 4 treatments)


Other characteristics

• Suitable for use by professionals and consumers

• No course necessary to enable the user to work with the tint

• The capsules are really difficult to reseal/close, so the contents are usually used in their entirety for one treatment.

• Mix the powder with the oxidant included in the package

• Not suitable for persons with a PPD or Resorcinol allergy


Godefroy has 2 alternate packaging styles:

A consumer kit containing products with 4 treatments. This kit consists of 4 tint capsules, one small bottle of developer, one mixing cup, and wooden stirring rods.

A professional kit containing products with 20 treatments. This kit contains 20 tint capsules, one small bottle of developer, one mixing cup, one plastic mixing rod and one brush.


We have both packages available for purchase in 5 different colours, namely light brown, medium brown, dark brown, graphite and natural black.

Colours Godefroy

Important information

Discolouration of the tint/skin

It is possible for the tint and/or the skin to discolour. This is due to the oxidation process of the tint, if it's been left to stand for too long after mixing. The hairs, however, will always be tinted the desired colour! The skin can, however, be tinted a strange (yellow-greenish) colour. Therefore, it is important to remove the tint from the skin properly.


Various bottle & tube developers

The professional kits may contain 2 kinds of bottle developers: one small (completely) filled bottle or one large, partially filled (up to the indication mark) bottle. The contents of both bottles are the same! The consumer kits contain either a bottle or a tube of developer.


Warning on the packaging

Due to the fact that Godefroy is an American product, various health warnings etc. appear on the usage instruction leaflet. It is required according to US legislation, but is not applicable in Europe.


Please note!

• Read the usage instructions prior to use

• This product is intended for the tinting of eyebrow hairs

• This product is NOT intended for the tinting of eyelashes

• This product is NOT intended for the tinting of skin

• If the product makes contact with the skin, remove as quickly as possible

• Contact with skin increases the risk of allergic reactions

• Do NOT use the product after waxing or epilation

• Not suitable for persons with a PPD or Resorcinol allergy


Perform a sensitivity/allergy test

We recommend that you first do an allergy test with your chosen tint. Also read the instructions beforehand.

To test, mix together a small amount of tint. Next, apply it to the inside of your arm, for example. Let the tint dry for the time indicated and remove the excess afterwards. After 24 hours you can see whether an allergic reaction has taken place. If not, you can use this tint to tint your eyebrows, without any worries.



1 - Everything you need is contained in the kit, so minimal preparation is required. It is however handy to cover your working area, where you intend to place your accessories, with a place-mat or similar. This is to prevent possible stains.

2 - Further, good lighting and an alarm clock/stopwatch are very important in order to ensure correct timing of the development process. We also advise that you use a small brush for precise application of the tint (this is only provided in the professional kit), as well as Vaseline or masking cream.

3 - Read the usage instructions and see what the development duration is for the tint colour you will be using. The development duration should be adapted (shorter) if you have fine and thin hairs and is therefore different for everyone.

4 - Ensure that the skin below and adjacent to your eyebrows, and your eyebrow hairs, are oil-free and dry and cover the skin around your eyebrows with Vaseline or masking cream. By doing this you prevent accidental tinting of the skin.

5 - Open one capsule and place the powder in the mixing cup. Then add the same amount of developer and mix it well, using the mixing rod that's included.

6 - Apply the tint after mixing it up with a brush on one (as preferred) eyebrow and keep a good overview of the (development) time. To begin with, let the tint develop for half the development time because if you leave the tint on, even for a tiny amount longer, the colour can be much darker. It's better to let it develop too little than too much because the tint really works very well!

7 - Then remove the tint with a damp cotton wool pad, or a pad with a little alcohol, to prevent the tint from developing any further. If the colour is good, you can tint the other eyebrow. If the colour is too light, then apply the (remaining) tint again and let it develop for another 30 seconds (or longer).

Keep in mind that the colour always looks darker when the hairs are moist/wet!

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